Golden Rule Insurance CompanyGolden Rule Health Insurance Company has provided individual and family health insurance for over 60 years. It is owned by United Healthcare, one of the largest health insurers in the U.S. Over 26 million Americans are insured by United Healthcare and over 770,000 providers belong to their network. Today Golden Rule Insurance Company sells its individual insurance products under the brand names United Healthcare or UnitedHealthOne.

Golden Rule Insurance Plans

The Golden Rule Insurance plans are offered to individuals and families in 42 states. The portfolio includes:

    • The new Health ProtectorGuard – A permanent plan option for Hospital and Doctor Coverage
    • Short Term Medical – Fill the Gaps between coverage
    • Dental and Vision Insurance – The policy you’ll love, affordable and excellent coverage
    • Critical illness – Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke – Money when you need it most
    • Disability Income – Protect you Income!
    • Accident Coverage – A must for families, 1st dollar coverage
    • Fixed-indemnity – Extra Hospital Coverage to protect against ACA / Obamacare pitfalls

    A History of Golden Rule Insurance

    Golden Rule Insurance’s claim to fame was the Choice Plus PPO Network and the Copay Select Plan with decreasing deductible. Sadly, these products are no longer allowed to be offered under the Affordable Care Act, but hundreds of thousands of Americans still have grandfathered policies. If you are one of these lucky Americans then you have saved tens of thousands of dollars, by not having to buy Obamacare coverage.

    Golden Rule InsuranceThe HSA (health savings account) was originally developed through Golden Rule Insurance Company. The HSA has long been popular for the self-employed such as accountants, realtors, and financial professionals. Many health insurance agents still have grandfathered Golden Rule HSA for their own personal coverage.

    Why Choose Golden Rule Insurance?

  • Golden Rule has multiple individual and family health insurance products to help provide a variety of options for coverage.
  • Some of the strongest health care networks in the U.S.
  • Simple online tools to quickly and easily manage your policy, view claims, and print temporary ID cards.
  • Golden Rule Insurance Company is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best (8/3/2017) for financial strength and stability.
  • Golden Rule Insurance offers a diverse portfolio of affordable plans that are consumer driven.
  • One stop shopping for health insurance products.