Golden Rule Insurance Company a United Healthcare CompanyHealth ProtectorGuard is the newest product launched by Golden Rule Insurance Company which is part of the United Healthcare brand. UHC is one of the largest providers of healthcare in the world. Health ProtectorGuard is United Healthcare’s answer to problems with the current health insurance industry.

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The Solution Begins With:

  • Use any Doctor, Facility or Hospital: You Decide!
  • Rates 50% Less than ACA or Obamacare Plans!
  • Enroll ANYTIME, Health Protector Guard is not subject to Open Enrollment
  • Guaranteed renewable, once enrolled you can keep your plan as long as you like

Key Points of this United Healthcare Product

Health ProtectorGuard Hits the MarkHealth ProtectorGuard is most attractive to insurance shoppers who are not eligible for free government health insurance. Rates are substantially less than traditional Obamacare or ACA plans being offered.

Example: a 45-year-old male in Texas can get a Choice Value plan as low as $100 per a month.

In addition, Health ProtectorGuard Offers:

  • Your choice for doctors, facilities, and hospitals
  • No plan deductible. Your plan pays first dollar
  • No application or association fees
  • Drug Coverage options
  • Choose from five unique plans
  • Office Visits and Preventive Coverage on all plans
  • ER, Urgent Care, X-Rays – You’re Covered

Featured Benefits Unique to Health ProtectorGuard

Rollover Benefit:

Unused Doctor Office and Urgent Care Visits rollover, up to a maximum of five visits.

Increasing Hospital Confinement Benefit:

The longer you keep you plan the more you save in the event of an injury related hospital confinement. This benefit increases for up to five years. You get rewarded for keeping your plan.

First Dollar Surgical Tier Schedule:

The Health ProtectorGuard Surgical schedule is a first dollar benefit. There is no deductible and the surgical benefit pays immediately. The tier system allows greater benefit for more serious surgeries. And the plan includes a benefit for assistant surgeons too.